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project management

Project Management

We specialize in managing the project from planning to purchasing, with suppliers and contractors, and the execution phase and its ultimate accomplishment. The company is involved in a wide range of projects such as construction of manufacturing plants, service centers and trade complexes, departments and logistics areas, ,as well as improvement of existent facilities, their adaptation and expansion or reduction, in accordance with the organization's needs.

We understand that any schedule deviation results in unexpected costs for the customer, logistical failures and more delays. Hence, we pay special attention for managing the schedule and controlling the execution of the various tasks on time.

As specialists in project management, we integrate and assimilate in the planning and the execution phase, in order to ensure an attentive and responsible management and efficient coordination of all systems involved in the project.

construction management

Construction Management

We, at Ness Project Management, believe in a comprehensive, turnkey project management. We relate to the project's planning and its different stages of execution until its successful accomplishment and giving the key to the customer. Our service provides an optimal, inclusive vision of the project as a whole.

As specialists in multisystem management and construction, we manage the planning and the execution phase, in order to ensure an efficient management and coordination of the various systems involved in each project.

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